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Embarking on a career in- and outside of academia can be both exhilarating and daunting. At the ETH Career Center, we recognize the unique challenges (doctoral) students face as they navigate this transition. That's why we are thrilled to introduce our newest initiative: the Career Journey Series.

The Career Journey Series is designed to provide comprehensive support to (doctoral) students as they transition from academia into various industries and career paths. Through a carefully curated sequence of events and resources, we guide participants through four essential phases: Analysis, Exploration, Focusing, and Application. These phases are all part of our Career Management Cycle used in our application guide which you can download using the button on your right.

At the heart of the Career Journey Series is our commitment to supporting students at every step of their career transition. Whether you're a still figuring out what your interests and values are or you're already exploring opportunities, join us as we set sail on this career journey together.

Unlock your potential, broaden your horizons, and take the first step towards a fulfilling career beyond your studies with the Career Journey Series.

Application Guide

Application Guide


Who am I? – reflecting on your values, skills and attributes

Past Events

27.02.2024 | 12:15 | Online Presentation // Kick-Off Career Journey & Analysis

Researching opportunities – looking at the wide range of career opportunities

Past Events

05.03.2024 | 12:15 | Presentation // Career Misconceptions

05.03.2024 | 17:15 | Online Presentation // «Working in Tech» with Jason Bell --> Download Presentation Slides here

07.03.2024 | 17:15 | Panel Discussion // Does your degree define your career? (incl. Apéro)

Making relevant choices – how to develop the knowledge, skills and experiences to follow your chosen career direction

Past Events

11.03.2024 | 12:15 | Presentation // Personal Branding

14.03.2024 | 12:15 | Presentation // Job Search Strategies


Preparing applications - how do I put myself across at my best in my application documents and in an interview?

Past Events

19.03.2024 | 12:00 | Presentation // How to write a good CV

21.03.2024 | 17:15 | Online Presentation // «Interviewing in Tech» with Jason Bell --> Download Presentation Slides here

19.03.2024 | all day | Interviewday with ELCA

25.04.2024 | all day | Interviewday with RUAG